Friday, November 18, 2016

Celebrating Our Fifth Year

The day of our wedding, one of our best men brought over my wedding gift from Ryan. It was a gorgeous wooden box with an etched picture of Lincourt {the winery where we were getting married}. Inside there were 5 bottles of wine with 5 special dates for the future. The first being for our one year anniversary. The second being for our five year anniversary. 

It has been a long 5 years of marriage with many ups and downs. The last few months particularly trying causing a lot of strain on us. We have had to fight very hard to get to where we are in the present day.

To really celebrate, relish in all of our accomplishments & challenges, and reconnect through rejuvenation & relaxation, we had a weekend getaway to one of the most amazing places that we have ever been.

We spent a day in Scottsdale at the spa complete with a couples massage, mineral bath, and steam room. We wandered around and had a leisurely lunch poolside. We had no timetable. No plans. No rush. We talked. We relaxed. We enjoyed a 4 course dinner and drinks over the moonlight. We shared memories from the past. All of the fun things that we had experienced over the past 7 years of our relationship. We spent 11.11.16 in the best way possible. The two of us and only positivity. 

The next morning we drove two hours up to Sedona. Gorgeous doesn't even do the drive justice. An impromptu stop at Page Springs Vineyards for some wine tasting was the perfect mid-afternoon setting. It reminded us of Lincourt in so many ways and was a hidden gem from God.

Once we arrived in Sedona, we hiked to Cathedral Rock as the sun was setting. Magnificent. On so many levels. Breathtaking views and a sense of peace.

The next day we continued our relaxation and had the privilege of visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It is a church wedged between two rocks and the architect set out to make the outside resemble a cross. The church sits on top of the rocks and is surrounded by all of the amazing red rocks around. As I walked in, I knelt to pray. The candles lit all around me with prayer intentions. I was moved to tears immediately. The words of prayer could barely be pieced together. 

They say Sedona is a healing place, and I feel like healing was felt. For myself and the burdens I have carried as of late. For our marriage and the strains that it has faced over the last 5 years and especially the last 2 years. Coming back, we definitely have a renewed sense of "us" and the foundation of our relationship.


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