Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brighton Kevin: 9 Months

Dearest Brighton,

You are officially 3/4 of a year old! Time is flying by and I am soaking up every second of it with you. You had quite the busy month and your mobility is taking off at rapid speed. This is evident in your crawl, your ability to pull up to things, venturing up the two stairs that connect our family room & kitchen, and two casualties that started & ended the month! You flipped yourself out of the rock n' play while I was getting Aspen out of the shower. I turned around to a huge thud and there you lay on the bathroom floor. I screamed bloody murder for your dad. A few days ago, you took it upon yourself to crawl right off of your bed and land on the ground. I will not be placing you on any surface other than the ground from now on! 

You have teeth coming in left and right. The bottom two centered are in and the top four centered are breaking gums. I think you are somewhere in between your siblings in the horrible teething department. Not nearly as bad as Aspen but not as smooth of a ride as Adelaide.

You had your first summer trip to Kentucky. You had an absolute blast playing with your cousins, swimming in the pool, seeing the animals at the zoo, being held & tickled by your sister, being loved on by family, walking the Big Four Bridge, and many more activities.

You also had your first sleepover with Mimi & Papa! Daddy and I went to St. Pete Beach for a wedding while you, Adelaide & Aspen stayed in Louisville. I heard you thought the first night was an all night party! Poor Mimi was not impressed ;)

One of your favorite things about the trip was getting to talk to your cousin Sawyer. The two of you would just talk and talk and talk then scream and scream and scream at one another. I would love to be in your little brain knowing what you two are carrying on about.

We are enjoying some one-on-one time as Adelaide & Aspen have started summer camp. You are a great little errand runner and helper for mommy. You smile on cue as everyone says hi to you! One of my favorite things about your flirtatious personality is how you will smile so slyly then lay your head on my shoulder as to say "I love you mommy." It melts my heart!

You truly are special and a blessing to us all!

I love you!


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