Monday, May 23, 2016

Brighton Kevin: 8 Months

Dearest Brighton,

We are having so much fun watching you grow month to month. You are developing into a precious little bundle of joy and your personality continues to soar! You are a little chatterbox, talking all day long. You literally said "ma" on Mother's Day. Talk about a show stopper! You also seem to say "hiii" and "da-da" at times. I think you will fit right in with this family!

You are enjoying the warm weather and had your first time swinging in the swings at the park. It was pure joy on your part. Even more special was when Aspen swung next to you and you both reached for each other's hand. Best friends indeed.

You enjoyed several firsts from month seven to eight: your first Derby celebration and your first Mother's Day celebration. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend as a family and spent quality time together. You gave me extra snuggles and smiles making it priceless.

We started your first swim class together two weeks ago. You are a fish! Kicking and "digging" with flying colors has your teachers utterly impressed. You are even mastering the technique to get out of the pool. Look out Michael Phelps!

You finally cut your first tooth. The bottom right tooth popped through the surface a few days back. I think there are several more on the way in which has you drooling like a maniac and chomping on Mums by the dozen.

You are growing like a weed and enjoying all sorts of foods. You advanced to lil' bits baby food which has chunks of real food mixed with purees. These are new to me so it was a nice transition. You have also tried peas and carrots in real food form as well as long greens beans, grilled cheese, and cheese quesadilla. You basically devoured the grilled cheese. The entire thing. Like a boss. Pretty soon you will be asking for steak and potatoes!

You got your first haircut and boy does it make you look like a big boy! Melts my heart! More to come on all of that cuteness in a blog post. You certainly hammed it up for all!
  You are crawling up on your knees a bit and doing the downward dog. You also love to scoot backwards when on your back if you feel like flipping over is not fun enough! I caught you trying to pull up on the first kitchen step the other day...slow it down mister! You also love to stand up on the couch, my legs, daddy's knees, etc. Daddy is convinced you will be walking by 9 months like he did. I have assured him that I do not need you walking that early!!

You are sleeping great in your crib. You typically go to sleep around 8pm and wake around 6am. Sometimes you give me a real treat and sleep until 6:45am. You take two naps unless we have an early evening car ride then you squeeze a third one in. Typically one is long and one is short. I think you require little sleep like mommy and Mimi!

Each month gets better and better with you. The love you have for us all and the love we have for you is beyond special.

I love you!


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