Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brighton Kevin's First Haircut

My baby boy got his first haircut a few days shy of 8 months. He had so much hair and the sides of his hair were literally down to his chin. The front was so long as well that it was hiding his handsome face. I tried to wait until he was 1 but as soon as Mimi got here, her and Ryan conspired to make me take Brighton for a haircut!

He hopped right in the car (well I placed him there but he grabbed the steering wheel and never looked back!). The cape was just too cute on him and he was having a ball with the hair stylist and Mimi oohing and aahing him!

He is a total wiggle worm so Mimi had to hold his face still to make sure his hair was cut evenly. I love the picture below with his little tongue sticking out! It is totally him :)

And viola, he instantly aged and looks like a new baby! Love his  fresh cut and his adorable face!


My baby doesn't look so baby anymore :(

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