Thursday, May 19, 2016

Aspen Michael: 2 Years

Dearest Aspen,

Oh my sweet boy, how are you two years old today?! I feel like that I have blinked and you have grown so big. Your personality has blossomed and you look more boy than baby now. You are 100% all boy and it shows in all that you do. You play "rough" and I am pretty sure you don't know any other way. This will come in handy when you become an NFL superstar ;)

Speaking of sports, you love them all. You have yet to meet a ball that you didn't like. Basketball. Soccer. Football. Baseball.  And much to Papa & I's excitement, we think you might be a lefty! Oh the joy and all-star potential! Haha!

A few fun things have been taking place...we went on our first trip to Disney. You loved the roller coasters and rides. You sort of loved the characters from a distance. Then we went to Naples where you could hardly wait to get in the pool each morning. I had to drag you out each afternoon for lunch and then again at dinner time.

In the last few months, you have had some big changes. You moved into your big boy room and your bunk beds. You truly enjoy the freedom and caught the hang of it quite quickly. It did bring earlier wake up times for you, but you learned to sit on the floor and play with your cars & trains until mommy or daddy came to get you. You occasionally like to sneak up to the top bunk during nap time. You nestled into all of the pillows and fall fast asleep. 

With these big boy changes, a few growing pains have come as well. You are getting your two-year old molars which is painful to watch. You also have some big tantrums where you like to throw yourself on the ground and scream/cry until you are done being mad. Thank heavens they do not last long! I said to someone the other day that if your sister did that I would always blush in embarrassment and become so angry. I learned that wasn't helpful to her or I. So now when you do this, I let you be. I sometimes laugh because it is a sight to see :)

I think some of the growing pains have come from your need to express yourself more and the frustration of not knowing how to say things. Although your language has come so far in the last few months. You are putting two to three words together and understanding more complex concepts. You like to label things as mommy, daddy, or mine. You love to say "hello, hello" to everyone especially people in neighboring cars. You recognize certain places when we pull up to them and ask to get "out." You also think it is fun to open the car door when I am putting your brother in the car. 

In true boy fashion, you love to jump in puddles. Full blown, massive puddles where you go out of your way to walk through them on the way to the car or into somewhere. I see your eyes light up as you go running towards one and then splish splash! I don't blame looks so fun!

 You have your first little crush on Adelaide's friend Allie. When we drive past her street, you yell her name. When we show up anywhere, you say "Allie." And when you see her, you run right over and give her a big hug. I am glad you graduated from pulling her hair as a way of showing her affection ;) It is honestly one of the sweetest things to see, and I know you will be a great husband someday. Not rushing this part of your life, but I cannot wait to meet the woman that you choose to marry. She will be wonderful I know and I will make sure she knows how special she is to me and to our family. I promise you this son.

I love you so very much. I am so proud of how you are handling being a middle child. You take it in strides and have been so gracious with it all. I know there are big things in store for your life, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

I love you!


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