Friday, February 19, 2016

7 Day Detox & 21 Day Cleanse

I kicked off February with a 7 day detox. (Ok well I made it 5 days without cheating but then had a flooded basement so I had a piece of cheese to cure my sorrows! And day 6 I needed a coffee). I lost 6 pounds in that amount of time. BUT I didn't do it to really lose weight. I did it to purge the toxins from my body. You know the coffee, caffeine, wine. The endless amounts of chocolate and sugar that I consume to survive motherhood, working, and life in general. I also wanted to fuel my body with positive, healthy foods to help curb my cravings for all things bad for you.

I knew that any detox I chose had to be one where you actually eat. No fasting. No juicing. My body build, metabolism, and life as a mother of three kids 3 & under are not conducive to those type of detoxes at the present.

So I chose NutriClean. My mom had just completed it as had some of her friends. I had been following them and they had great results. Plus the option to extend it for 14 additional days making it a 7 day detox and 21 day cleanse seemed appealing to help break any bad habits. (**Truth: I only did the detox portion as it was the right thing for me at the time but I hope to be able to do the entire 21 day program later this year).

I was able to eat fruits, vegetables, good fats, and protein throughout my detox. That alone made it possible and manageable. I had cravings of course and moments of not feeling full because my body was used to having fast food more often than not. Gasp yes I eat McD's and Burger King and yes I like it and yes I know that it isn't good for you. But sometimes it is the most convenient and easiest thing for me. And in the present moment of my life, simplicity wins big time in my book.

The detox kit includes morning pills and nightly release packets as well as a detox powder that you mix with water and drink each morning. There are also food charts so that you can track what you've eaten, drank in terms of water, and supplements as well. The 21 day cleanse comes with a bit more to last those extra 2 weeks.

After having Brighton, I dropped the baby weight but my body had shifted. With work, I didn't get back in the gym as quick as I did with the other two kids. I felt blah and my clothes weren't sitting well on my body. My skin felt different from my face down to my tummy. I wasn't pleased with myself. The detox helped give me the jump start to be myself again physically. My skin cleared up. My tummy tightened. My skinny jeans fit. But the biggest change is that after only 7 days, I changed my way of thinking about food. I am more conscious of what I am putting in my body. I still have chocolate. I still have coffee at times. And Lord knows that I still have wine. I just think twice before indulging and I am including more vegetables in my daily diet.

Most importantly, I feel better for it all!

**If you are interested in doing the 7 day detox and/or 21 day cleanse, please let me know and I can get you the information.

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