Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aspen Michael: 18 Months

Dearest Aspen,

 So much has happened in the last 6 months of your life sweet boy. For starters, you became a big brother! It is hard to believe since you are still my baby in many ways. But you love your "bubba" Brighton as you call him. You like to touch his head gently and give him his paci when he cries. You get so excited every time you see him or hear him. You did accidentally throw your cup which nailed him in the head while he was sleeping in the cuddle cove. He screamed and cried. You cried because you felt bad. This was all on daddy's watch I might note ;) I can't wait to see Brighton grow up and the two of you become the best of friends!

You have had your fair share of little pains...your first black eye when you fell and hit our nightstand base. You got your 4 molars at the same time just after your first birthday and it was hell on Earth. Throwing up, high fever, fussy, and lifeless. I took you to the Urgent Care where they told us you had bi-lateral pneumonia. Turns out they were wrong and it was just horrific teething! Fast forward to a few weeks ago with a combo of 18 month sleep regression, getting your canine teeth on the bottom, and a full moon and mommy almost lost her mind ;) In fact you spent one whole evening thought it was play time!!!

You have the cutest little personality, running and dancing. Laughing and talking. You can say "Beau Beau", ball, car, more, Mimi, book, Papa, "Bubba", no, and girl. You love to sit and read books. Sometimes you are so quiet and when I finally find you it is in a corner somewhere just flipping through pages of books.

You are so intuitive. You lift your arms when putting a shirt on. You step out of your pants. You put your toys away. You walk to the fridge when you want something to drink. You love to brush your teeth and you are very routine oriented! You watch and mimic everyone. You are a quick little learner.

You love balls and cars. You love swimming and jumping off the side of the pool into mommy's arms. You do a gym class each week and you love hanging from the bars, jumping on the trampoline, climbing in the ball pit, and catching bubbles.

You went on your first international trip to the Bahamas this summer and had an absolute blast. You swam and played with your cousins. You took naps poolside and enjoyed the sunshine. You also went to Michigan for Aunt Amanda's baby shower. You were a big hit there and everyone commented on how sweet and happy you are!

You love hanging out with your big cousin Bishop. Playing catch with him and just chasing him around Mimi & Papa's house. He loves to play with you too!

You give the sweetest kisses with your little mouth wide open. Then you make a smacking sound when you want to "blow a kiss."

My sweet boy, you are pure joy and each day with you gets better and better!

I love you!



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