Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our 4th of July

This past weekend was a mix of adventure and R&R for our family. The weather was good on the 3rd and the 5th leaving the 4th with mostly misty rain and gloomy skies. We spent as much time outdoors as possible and soaked up the little bit of extra time that Ryan was able to be around.

Friday we headed up to Bear Mountain to see some animals and enjoy a walk outside. Then we enjoyed lunch at Table 9, a spot we had been wanting to try for years. Naps for all replenished us for a night of grilling at home.

On the 4th we hit up Muscoot Farm, a family favorite, before the bad weather set in. Adelaide loved running from animal to animal while Aspen enjoyed the animal sounds as well as his sister's delight. A lazy afternoon ensued allowing for more rest and relaxation.

Sunday we loaded up the car and drove down to Long Beach to take full advantage of the sunshine. The kids loved the sea & sand...a small reminder of the Bahamas a few weeks ago. We had an American lunch with hot dogs and hamburgers, french fries too! All salty and sandy called for a little snooze in the car on the way home.

Hope you all enjoyed America's birthday with family & friends!

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