Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life Letters (June): R&R

June's life letter could not have been more fitting for the month honestly. I opened it the night before we headed to the Bahamas for a weeklong vacation. And this is what I read...

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for instructing me to take a vacation! Sometimes I need to be "told" what to do and when I have put it in writing then I have to do it! So on our trip I did just as I told myself...I rested (as much as possible).

I booked a massage and a facial for two separate days. One to start the trip and one to end the trip. Nothing says relaxation like the spa! Once back from vaca, I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure...not simultaneously like usual. I took time to enjoy each service and actually read instead of panic looking at the clock. Man did I like it a whole lot more!

I also took to practicing yoga more this month. I did an early morning sesh on vacation overlooking the gorgeous pool. I attended 2 prenatal classes at Saw Mill as well as 2 fitness stretch sessions. My body loved the stretching and generally appreciated the quiet time.

I did spend parts of each day being quiet. Just sitting on the couch and being still. Some days I read a magazine. Other days I just reflected. A few times I vegged on the couch with Adelaide & Aspen soaking up the time with them.

Part of my R&R requirement was to get more sleep. I took at least 3 naps per week...some weeks more days. My mind & body are on overdrive right now so I need as much rest as possible. I also went to sleep earlier than usual while on vacation and tried to put that bedtime to practice while home several times.

I do feel more rejuvenated after consciously working on getting rest and relaxation. I have a sense of being rested which was much needed especially during this month.

Bring on my next life letter!!

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