Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blooming Ballerina Recital

Since January, Adelaide and Caileigh have been attending the Toddlers in Tutus class at Kidville Mount Kisco. Learning how to stretch their toes, simply ballet positions such as first position & second position, and practicing manners during their tea parties. 

Well...that is what is supposed to happen at class anyway. But usually it results in a lot of running around of toddlers, screaming, trying to get into everything they shouldn't and shoveling animal crackers in their mouths to get "more" before class ends. 

Nonetheless they definitely made progress throughout the months and even had a recital to show off their skills. I had a tennis match and Ryan had an early morning MRI so we had Mary (our wonderful sitter) take her to the recital. And thanks to Whitney, my NY bestie, we have great photos of the event.

Each ballerina got her very own certificate of completion. So cute! After the blood, sweat, & tears that went into this class (ha!), I am glad that Adelaide & Caileigh were able to experience it together. The pictures & memories will be cherished always!

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