Monday, April 7, 2014

South America: Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Leaving Buenos Airea bright and early, we made the 3 hour flight to Rio de Janiero, Brazil arriving in time to enjoy the warming sun just as it was peaking through the blue skies. Our hotel was a block from the beach which was heavenly for this girl. Warm weather filling our arms & legs that hadn't seen the sunlight in far too long! Copacbana beach was lined with massive sand castles, paddle boarders, surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, roller skaters, strollers, volleyball players, soccer players, beer drinkers, fruit eaters, and more. We loved strolling in the sand and admiring the aqua colored Atlantic waters. Of course we also enjoyed the fresh seafood and chocolate desserts as well!

Our second day in Rio was a day of tourism as we summited Corcovado to see Cristo Redentor in all His glory. A very inclined train took us up to the top then we took the 200 steps up to the top. A full view of the city from every angle, we could see the beaches, sports arenas, islands, and more. Breathtaking views leaving us in awe. And we had to try the mango juice as it is the best in the city atop Corcovado so we were told. Adelaide agreed 100%.

We drove across town to summit the other large attraction: Sugarloaf. Taking two large cable cars up to see more beautiful views of the city as well as wander through the national park with tiny monkeys surrounding us. Shops & restaurants line the top allowing visitors to enjoy the view a little longer. 

Our day wouldn't have been complete without an authentic Brazilian steak house dinner where they come around with every type of meet possible for an all-you-can-eat-and-try dinner from the salad bar to the meats. Topped off with delicious desserts.

Our last day of vacation was spent at the Jardim Botanico with a touch of the rainforest and a playground for Adelaide to stretch her legs. It was beautiful and fun to watch her play with all of the local children again.  Who doesn't love a playground in the sand?!

Rio was magical and I can see why the World Cup and the Olympics are coming to town. The beaches are gorgeous. The mountains are spectacular. The food is delicious. The atmosphere can't be beat.

We are so fortunate to have spent time in this amazing continent exploring three various countries with so much to offer but each their own.

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