Friday, April 4, 2014

South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soaking up our Peruvian time, we then headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We spent half a day flying and arrived in the evening then hit the ground running the next morning. Ready for a lesson in big city living complete with street-side tango, colorful buildings, and walking for days. We saw the "Pink Palace" as well as the gorgeous architecture of the French & Brazilian Embassy suites. We enjoyed La Boca neighborhood where they dance tango throughout the streets at all hours of the day and night. We basked in the sun along our walk of the river in Puerto Madero. Also the site of Le Grill where we indulged in an authentic Argentinian steak lunch. Walking about 2 hours back to our hotel, we saw Florida Street and all the sites of the unique neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

We indulged in sweet treats from Pani nestled in the Recoleta neighborhood where Adelaide giggled with the children grabbing their after-school snack.

Our visit in Argentina was much too short for our liking and we intend to go back in the future to explore this amazing country and all that it has to offer. But we are grateful for the time we did spend there making the most of all Buenos Aires' glory.

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