Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Station Ten: Jesus Clothes are Taken Away

The soldiers notice you have something of value. They remove your cloak and throw dice for it. Your wounds are torn open once again. Some of the people in the crowd make fun of you. They tease you and challenge you to perform a miracle for them to see. They're not aware that you'll perform the greatest miracle of all!

Being naked is the ultimate exposure. The most vulnerable a person can be. But there is also something so beautiful about the human body and how we were created in God's image. I love watching Adelaide run around with her bare bottom showing. Her sweetness; her innocence. It truly captures her beauty and reminds me of God's greatest gift. 

As Jesus is stripped of His clothing, His wounds are exposed. His flesh is bleeding and His cuts are deep. There is something beautiful in seeing the sacrifices that Jesus' body suffered for us and for our salvation. While His body is weak, His soul is strong. 

As an adult, sometimes I repeat stories that are disrespectful of others. I can entertain thoughts that are not clean. Sometimes I give the young people around me a bad example to follow. Help me to keep myself pure and clean. Help me say things that build up the people around me. Help me overcome worldly desires that I may become more like Jesus. Help me set a good example for others to follow.

(All italicized quotes/prayers have been taken from www.catholic.org/prayers/stations)

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