Monday, April 28, 2014

Nesting 2.0

When you have your second child (and you aren't finding out the gender!), there isn't a lot of nesting to do. Or so I thought. I mean the usual nesting that you experience with your first child...preparing the nursery, buying baby gear, drefting a million outfits, etc can't really be done this time around.

So I have resorted to "home projects" that we have needed to get done (our garage door is finally fixed and has a new key pad, the master shower actually gets hot water these days, and the carpets are set to be cleaned) as well as buying copious amounts of things for Adelaide to keep her entertained outdoors once baby comes...which also means putting together these lovely things.

I also wanted to have some freezer meals set aside from summer nights when cooking with a baby & toddler seems like admitting myself into a psyche ward. And since Ryan's new truck came with a fridge/freezer for our garage, I have the perfect storage for future dinners.

My lowest point was organizing the medicine basket. We are pretty much a no-medicine house for the most part so we have the tiniest basket for peroxide, nasal spray, and bandaids. How this needed organizing, I have no idea but I did feel super accomplished post task!

Who knows what projects I will get done in the next 3 weeks ;)

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