Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adelaide's Big Girl Room

I could categorize Adelaide's big girl room as nesting but really it was just a necessity ;) I knew I was going to reap the benefits of painting our guest bedroom purple when we first moved in. Basically I was praying for a little girl to eventually have this as her room. Ryan was nervous because what if Adelaide had been a boy. But she wasn't so YAY me!

We decided to leave the furniture because well it was brand new and what girl doesn't want a queen bed?! I love the all white because it can be complimented with any color palette. I am not huge on pink so I wanted to do lavender and green with a few splashes of pink accents.

I love the eclectic style of the decor from the picture & quote frames to the lamp shades, bookcase set up to the reading nook and display shelves. It is feminine and girly yet a little more sophisticated. Not too childish but not too adult. The quotes give a great sense of her personality and who she is becoming. The pictures speak to her spirit and daily charm.

The chandelier brings so much elegance which I love. The light fixture in the room before was blah and didn't give much light. Now the room shines just like our sweet girl Adelaide.

She already spends a lot of time playing in here. Reading her books, sitting in her big chair, and calling Mimi on her phone. When I say "lets go to your room", she goes here. I love that really because I want her to love her space as much as I do!