Thursday, March 20, 2014

Station Five: Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Jesus, the soldiers are becoming impatient. This is taking longer than they wanted it to. They are afraid you won't make it to the hill where you will be crucified. As you grow weaker, they grab a man out of the crowd and make him help carry your cross. He was just watching what was happening, but all of a sudden he is helping you carry your cross.

Moving to New York was exciting and scary all at the same time. We were starting over as newlyweds with no one we knew in Westchester County. I was recently pregnant with Adelaide making the need for friends & support even more important. I stumbled upon Abbi through tennis early into our move and will forever be grateful for God's timing. She as well as the women she introduced me to helped me carry my crosses throughout my pregnancy. They helped cheer me up when I missed my mom. They brought food or simply visited after Adelaide's birth. Anything I needed, they were there to help with while smiling and being glad to help.

Simon of Cyrene is a stranger to Jesus. All of a sudden he is helping Jesus carry His cross up the hill. Much like Abbi and Co, they were strangers who saw something in me that made their hearts leap to help. Simon too sees Jesus in a new light as he helps carry the cross.

Let us all be that stranger who helps another carry his/her cross. Through random acts of kindness, we never know who's life we are touching and just how much they need it at the time.

As an adult, sometimes I try to do as little as I can and still get by. Others might need my help, but I ignore their needs. Even when I'm asked to help, I sometimes claim to be too busy. 

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