Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Station Four: Jesus Meets His Mother

Jesus, you feel so alone with all those people yelling and screaming at you. You don't like the words they are saying about you, and you look for a friendly face in the crowd. You see your mother. She can't make the hurting stop, but it helps to see that she is on your side, that she is suffering with you. She does understand and care.

When anything in my life is happening, good or bad, I call my mom. There is nothing like the comfort of her voice to cheer me up or lift my spirits or make me even more proud of my accomplishment. She has always been there for me when I have been sick, frightened, lonely, or confused. 

As a mother, I have realized that the same is true for Adelaide. When she has a bad dream, it is my touch that comforts her. When she skins her knee or bites her tongue, it is the hug of mommy that soothes her pain. When she is tired, it is my snuggles that calm her. 

Being a mother is the greatest gift; yet it is heart-breaking at times to see your child(ren) suffer. I cannot imagine Mary having to stand by and watch her son's pain feeling helpless all at once. But Jesus finds peace in just seeing her familiar face.

In continuance with my Lenten promise, I want to remember the comfort Adelaide finds in me as her mother. My patience gives her the gift of peace. A gift no one else can offer to her.

As an adult I sometimes feel overwhelmed by many things. Life is so competitive, and I worry so much about my future and those who have some control over it. I need to remember that being an adult does not mean having to solve every problem all by myself. I need to look around me for a friendly face, for the help I need. 

(All italicized quotes/prayers have been taken from www.catholic.org/prayers/stations)

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