Monday, December 16, 2013

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas... true love, Adelaide, & I took a picture with Santa Claus.

Yea so sometimes things don't always go as planned. Like how yesterday we went as a family to the mall for some face time with Santa. The line seemed fair so we walked over only to realize that a photo with Santa was not on the plan for our day apparently. We waited an hour to then be told that dear old St. Nick was taking an hour break. Have you ever asked a one year old to stand still for an hour? Much less two? So we high tailed it out of there feeling rather defeated. 

**Luckily Santa felt our pain because he stopped by last night!**

Persistence is key and planning is crucial. Adelaide & I tried visiting Mr. Claus today during the morning and we had great success. 

Well we saw him & took a photo but I wouldn't call the crying such a success :(

Great photo keepsake!

Our 12 days of Christmas have been unforgettable. We've enjoyed spending time as a family and spreading holiday cheer for all to see & hear!

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