Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Claus Came to Town

Because we travel for the holidays, Santa visits our home a few days early. He just doesn't see the point of lugging presents to KY and then back to NY ;)

Starting last year, we have continued the same traditions that my family did as children (and now) for our Christmas morning routine. We just do it a few days early! Presents from mom & dad are wrapped underneath the tree for Adelaide to see. Then on "Christmas Eve" night Santa drops off presents for her that are unwrapped and ready to be played with. He also stuffs our stockings while here.


Thanks for my Rock n' Play Mimi & Papa!

Last year I think she was more fascinated by the lights, but this year I am pretty sure she was digging the new toys Santa left. And of course she got to be in on the poppyseed bread breakfast which was a huge hit! Truly amazing the difference a year makes!

Daddy Diaper Bag!

Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel

My little helper

My baby elephant from Swarovski

We hope Santa visits you and makes all of your wishes come true!

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  1. Your kid is so sweet. I like all the pictures you post. I am also doing new tricks for the Christmas with the friends. My one loving friend is coming from Sydney on 20th. We are plan for celebrate Christmas out of station down the blue sky. Hope our this plan will be successful.

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