Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Internship: A Movie Review

Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson are the perfect combo of wit & charm in my opinion. They make amazing movies playing off one another using their personas to create unforgettable characters. Does Wedding Crashers ring a bell?! So a few weekends ago when Winston was up visiting, he & Ryan suggested we watch The Internship. It didn't take much convincing as soon as I saw that VV & OW were lead roles.

Two salesmen, Billy & Nick (Vaughn & Wilson), suddenly find themselves jobless in a dying market...door-to-door sales. Determined to take their life by the reigns, they enroll in Google's internship program. Searching for themselves and that missed opportunity, the two struggle in today's tech-savy world. Something neither of them can seem to master. But as they team up with a group of outcast youngsters, they will become the teachers of life.

I was expecting the funny, laugh-until-your-belly-hurts lines as well as the soft, smooth talks throughout the film. But what I wasn't expecting was the real life lesson these two would deliver. In a generation where we are so disengaged from human interaction and overly dependent on technology, it is easy to get swept up in life without stopping to realize the beauty & importance of the journey. Call it the pregnancy hormones or credit the great acting of these two men as well as the touching storyline. I was moved by the lessons learned by the youngsters on the team.

If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted film, definitely check out The Internship featuring two of the greatest actors of our time.

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