Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

In honor of 30 days of November and 30 days of life, here are 30 things that I am very grateful/thankful for... in no particular order.

  1. My parents, for their unconditional love and support from day one
  2. My siblings, for the laughter & joy they bring to my life
  3. My husband, for the love he carries & life that he provides for our family
  4. Adelaide Jane, for the awe & wonder that she allows me to be a part of daily
  5. Motherhood, for how it highlights my strengths and exposes my weaknesses
  6. My health, for the things it allows me to physically & mentally accomplish
  7. Tennis, for the role it has played in my life through all stages
  8. My home, for the safety & security that it provides for my family
  9. My education, for the gift that many are not as fortunate to have
  10. Writing, for the creative outlet it allows me to have and the freedom to speak my mind
  11. Reading, for the stimulation and imagination it brings to me
  12. Travel, for the world & cultures it allows me to see
  13. My neighbors, for how welcoming they have been to us
  14. Beaumont, for the long road we have traveled together and his never ending love for me
  15. My friends, for their support and tough love
  16. Adelaide's friends, for the joy & laughter they bring to her life
  17. My nieces & nephew, for the joy & laughter they bring to their parents' lives
  18. My faith, for the strength that it gives me in good times & bad
  19. God & Jesus, for their selfless ways and their unwavering loyalty & love
  20. Crafting, for the memories that it allows me to savor and share with friends & family
  21. Shopping, for the mindless task that lets me forget my worries
  22. Love, for the betterment it does for the world
  23. Kentucky, for its place in my heart and where I truly call home
  24. UK/CATS, for the community and adrenaline it brings to my life
  25. Chocolate, for its oh so sweetness
  26. Baby Thompson #2, for the ability to be a part in another miracle of life
  27. Movies, for their display of real life with a twist of fantasy & hope
  28. Seasons, for the beauty that each one brings & the nature each one highlights
  29. Sleep, for its rejuvenation and relaxation
  30. Life, for the gracious one that I have been dealt and for all that it has yet to deal

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