Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adelaide is Going to BEE a Big Sister

Months ago I ordered this adorable big sister to BEE onesie and yellow & black tutu for Adelaide to announce our pregnancy to Ryan. I had it all planned out for her to be wearing it when he came home from work. But after months of failed attempts, I put it away in the bonus room with the other baby clothes she had outgrown.

So when I was in Kentucky and found out I was pregnant, I couldn't wait a week to tell Ryan! But I could wait a few days for him to send me the outfit so I could reveal in person to my family that we were expecting baby #2.

I gathered them all to my parents house and into the Florida room for the big reveal...

Much like me, they were in shock because they know the struggles & daily waiting game of the past few months. My mom thought I was playing a joke and started to get upset until she realized that I was crying. Then she was crying. My dad was relieved that I would now be gaining some weight. And the minions, Bishop, Collins, & Cooper, didn't really understand. Kendahl & Peter were pumped. Taylor recorded the whole thing because well I told her a few days prior because I just couldn't keep it all to myself ;) Amanda & Shane were at work but called immediately with congrats!

I feel very blessed that I have been in the exact same place when finding out about both pregnancies and been able to share that in person with my family. And this time was extra special because Adelaide got to be a part of the big reveal!

This is ultimately how she felt...

...about wearing the headband that is! About being a big sister, well she is thrilled!

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