Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kentucky Fall Fun

We always love visiting with family while in town. It seems as if Adelaide, Bishop, Collins, & Cooper play non-stop the entire trip. This past visit being no different.

Cooper is a crawling gremlin so her & Adelaide had a blast chasing one another all around. Collins still plays "mom" to Adelaide letting her know what she can & cannot do as well as assisting in her care (i.e. bath & meal time).

Dogs are a fave for Adelaide so when we are in KY and there are 4 dogs roaming the house she is in heaven. Add in Shane & Amanda's two dogs and she was beyond excited.

On one of our last days, I took Adelaide & Collins to the Louisville Zoo. We met Kara & Kendahl for a few hours and soaked up the warmth. The girls loved seeing the animals & riding along together. I enjoyed treating my daughter and niece to a fun morning.

Until next time Kentucky, we will keep you in our hearts <3 p="">

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