Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Honoring Mommy: SHMS Former Parent Award

When it comes to education, I would easily argue that my parents spared no expense. They sought the best preschool, elementary, & high school for the 4 of us. That in itself was plenty for us and has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I greatly appreciate the financial commitment & sacrifice that my parents have made for me (in all things but especially my education).

In addition, my parents have always supported the school(s) 110% whether it be donating to the annual fund, auctioning off vehicles, accompanying us on field trips, starting athletic programs, coaching our sports teams, being a room mom, serving on committees, and so forth & so on.

My mom has dedicated the past 30+ years to her children and their surroundings so it really came as no surprise that she would be honored as the SHMS Former Parent Awardee. She was shocked of course because that is how humble she is. She doesn't often realize the impact that she has made on her children's lives. Maybe because we don't always take the time to let her know or maybe because she wouldn't have her life purpose any other way.

I was able to fly home to be at the award ceremony. For those of you who don't know, SHMS is short for Sacred Heart Model School where we went from kindergarden through eighth grade. It is one of the most intense grade schools around with midterms & finals beginning in 3rd grade and a foreign language starting in kindergarden. The teachers are amazing and have positively impacted so many students. I attribute my academic success to SHMS.

My mom graciously accepted her award with this sincere & witty speech...

I am so proud of you mom!!! Congrats on an amazing honor & award!

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