Wednesday, October 2, 2013

7x7 Remix Challenge

Over at Ma Nouvelle Mode, the Copy Cat Closet Challenge morphed into the 7x7 Remix Challenge. Aside from being super busy lately with all sorts of travel, I have also been a bit intimidated by the new challenge. It was much easier when someone was basically telling me how to dress...this girl likes direction ;) But grabbing 7 pieces of clothes from my closet and making 7 suitable outfits seemed terrifying...

...until I started packing for California and realized that the less I packed the better. So I set out to complete my first 7x7 Remix Challenge for our trip. Now CA weather is all over the map and since our trip entailed going from San Francisco (think 60s & super cool in the evenings) to Santa Barbara (think 70s & cool at night) to Los Angeles (think 80s) to San Diego (think the most perfect temperature all day, every day), I needed to be prepared for climate changes.

Here are the pieces that I chose:

1- White Tank
2- Long Sleeve White Lace Shirt
3- Beige Sparkle Heart Shirt
4- Long Sleeve Black Button Down Shirt
5- Faded Purple Shorts
6- Black Sparkly Skinny Jeans
7- Black & White Striped Dress

Because my theme was minimal, I opted for only 4 pairs of shoes (one of which I wore on the plane):

1- Teal Sandals
2- Black Sandals with a slight heel
3- Pink Flats
4- Nude Wedges

As for accessories & jewelry, I knew I needed to add pops of color and dress up a few of the outfits so I tried to get creative and shop my closet...way back there:

Here are my 7 outfits:

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Outfit One:
Black & White Striped Dress and Long Sleeve Black Button Down Shirt
*Worn during travels to CA & for wine tasting upon arrival*

Outfit Two:
White Tank, Long Sleeve White Lace Shirt and Black Sparkly Skinny Jeans*Worn in San Fran to Golden Gate Park & for dinner with friends*

Outfit Three:
White Tank,  Long Sleeve Black Button Down Shirt, and Faded Purple Shorts
*Worn for our road trip to Solvang & at the Monterey Bay Seaquarium*

Outfit Four:
Beige Sparkle Heart Shirt and Faded Purple Shorts
*Worn in Solvang shopping, on our road trip to LA, & for a BBQ with friends*

Outfit Five:
White Tank, Long Sleeve White Lace Shirt and Faded Purple Shorts
*Worn on our road trip to SD & at a play date in OC*

Outfit Six:
Black & White Striped Dress
*Worn for brunch, a stroll on the beach, & shopping*

Outfit Seven:
Beige Sparkle Heart Shirt and Black Sparkly Skinny Jeans
*Worn for our travel back to NY*

This was one of the smartest ways that I have ever packed. I can't say that I will do this every time that we go on a trip, but I will definitely be testing it again! A big thanks to Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark for helping me get this all organized and for the inspiration!


  1. Thank you so much for linking up. Love that striped maxi. I also host a weekly link up called Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. Stop by and say hi.


  2. Look at you being all stylish and such! Love it Whit - great job! P.S. you're lucky we don't wear the same size shoe.. I'd steal those neon flats from you in a second!
    Nikki at

  3. These are great outfits!! I love them all. And what a perfect way to put the 7x7 into affect! I'm sure it was helpful in packing! Thanks so much for linking up, it's fun to see all the outfits!