Thursday, August 22, 2013

You're Gonna Miss This

A few Sundays ago we were getting ready for church. I have been lecturing at our parish, St. Augustine's, for the past several months. I really enjoy it and feel like a bigger part of the community. Plus it completely holds us accountable to attending service weekly even when we are tired, sick, or stressed. And because I am standing in front of the entire congregation, I like to wear my Sunday best. I also like for Adelaide to wear her Sunday best.

So as I was dressing her in the sweet cream dress with pink bows & frilly lace, my eyes began to swell up. In that moment, Miss Adelaide looked so big. She looked all grown up with her big girl dress and her pink headband.

Ironically my iPhone switched to the next song which just happened to be You're Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins.


And man is he right. I am gonna miss this. I am gonna miss the moments where I get to actually dress my little girl. Where she wraps her little arms around my neck and lets me squeeze her tight. When she squeals with excitement as I chase her across our bed trying to catch her as she face plants into the pillows. When she lays her head against my shoulder while tears run down my face.

I am gonna miss this. This exact moment. Because when I blink she is even bigger. She is even taller. Even smarter. Even sassier. Running even faster. Going off to kindergarden. Graduating high school. Getting married. Having babies of her own.

So to remember that moment, I captured it as best I could on camera. So when she keeps growing, I can look back at them and smile. Smile for the memories of being the mom of the best little girl around.

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