Monday, June 3, 2013

Adelaide Jane: 9 Months

Dearest Adelaide,

Without a doubt, this month has flown by the fastest of any other. Perhaps that is because we were out of town for the greater part or perhaps it is because life as we know it is evolving rapidly. Either way, I have watched my "baby" girl venture into toddler-like turf with the blink of an eye.

You weigh 21 lbs 9 oz (in the 90th percentile) and are 28.5 inches (75th percentile). What can I are well fed and growing like a weed. You have two teeth finally! The two bottom front. And you love to run your tongue over them. It is super cute!

You are quick with your crawl as you chase me around the house. You can crawl up the two little stairs we have in the family room successfully. You grab and stand on anything you can get your hands on. This results in lots of time playing in your pack-n-play ;) 

You have this lovely trick of throwing your bottle on the ground for fun. Usually at night as I suspect you are so tired from the day's play that you are falling asleep at the bottle. You have mastered the art of several new foods including scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, and an assortment of breads/crackers.

We celebrated mommy's first mother's day in Boston with a wonderful two day family trip. You were such a good sport with all of the historical tours, seafood treats (don't worry you had Puffs!), and buzzing tourists.

as you can see...getting you to sit still for pics is not easy!

You had a weeklong sleepover at Mimi & Papa's while daddy & I went to Italy. I cried tears as I said goodbye to you in Kentucky. You, on the other hand, smiled. You will understand once you are a mom, but leaving you smiling made the trip much easier for me. Selfishly I could have been upset because you were not upset to see me go. But I felt 100% positive in our decision to go knowing that you were in great hands and that you were happy. Plus Mimi, Aunt Kendahl, Aunt Tay, Aunt Amanda, Aunt Kara, & Nana sent lots & lots of pictures of you to us so we could see all that you were doing on your vacation!

Everyone says it, "It goes by so fast." And to an extent, before you arrived, I knew what they meant. Now that you are here, I really get it. 3/4 of your first year have been filled with tears, laughter, joy, memories, and more love than I could ever imagine. I am ok with it going quickly so long as we live in the moment daily and enjoy every second together.

I love you!



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