Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Italy 2013: Florence

**Disclaimer: nothing I write, nor pictures I post will do justice the much needed, perfection of a trip to Italy that we had; however I will do my best to capture some of our favorite moments here for your enjoyment!

For my 30th birthday celebration, Ryan surprised me with a trip to Italy. I was given a card back in February (the 18th to be exact) with a little riddle leading me to the conclusion that we were headed to Tuscany. Those were all of the details I was given.

Fast forward to last week and we were off for 9 days of adults-only adventure in Europe. We trekked to Florence via trains (home to Grand Central), planes (Alitalia to Rome), and automobiles (Ford Kuga to Montegufoni). We arrived at our beautiful Castello di Montegufoni with breath-taking views of the countryside almost a day after leaving the U.S.A. Our first day was spent relaxing, unpacking, and catching up on some much needed sleep.

The next morning we awoke refreshed and ready to take on Italy. We zipped down to Florence and wandered the cobblestone streets before landing at a pizzeria for lunch. After lunch we made our way past the Duomo and over to the Piazzo Vecchio. We may have stopped to have a look at the map where I was so delicately tapped in the back with a mini-Fiat. Typical Italian driver tourist mishap I guess!

Then we spent the afternoon riding Vespas through Florence, up to the Piazza dei Pitti, and through the countryside. Gorgeous views of the entire city as well as the back roads of the petite Italian neighborhoods. Not to mention a thrilling experience of driving like a local. We enjoyed antipasta & wine in a tucked away spot thanks to our guide Julian to complete our day.

Friday we decided to get our history on by spending the morning at the Gallerie dell' Accademia which features the Statue of David by Michaelangelo as well as some other amazing statues and pieces of art. After a long lunch of salade caprese, pizza, and cappuccino, we learned more history of Florence from our tour guide at the Galleria degli Uffizi. Featuring several pieces by artists in the Renaissance period including Botticelli's The Birth of Venus which was my favorite. The story of the Medici family who came to rule Florence for many centuries was intriguing and enhanced the experience of the arts.

The Birth of Venus

We concluded the evening with a very romantic dinner at La Giostra. Recommended by our friends Elizabeth & Barry, we made a reservation for early evening. Greeted by rustic decor and mood-lighting, we shared an intimate dinner for two lost in our own little world. The food was beyond delicious as was the wine. The setting allowed for great conversation and dreaming for our future adventures which was something that we desperately needed. Definitely a must do if you are ever in Firenze (Florence to the locals ;) ) especially to rekindle the love flame in your relationship!

Next up: Tour of Tuscany!

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  1. Ahhhhh the magic of Firenze at it's finest! So happy you all had a great trip! Loved your outfits too! :) XO