Saturday, May 18, 2013

Snapshots on a Saturday: Mommy & Me Time

With our trip to Italy literally just around the corner, I was anxious to spend as much time with Adelaide as I could this week. While I am a huge advocate for remaining true to yourself, especially as a mom, I also love my child beyond belief and have not been away from her for more than 3 days. She has never been away from both of her parents. We have never been out of the country since welcoming her into our family soooooooo while I am keeping calm on the outside, I am worried that Monday will be a different story ;)

happy baby girl

mirror mirror on the wall...

peek-a-boo mommy...I see you!

So we did what we do best...laugh & play, hug & kiss, crawl & scream. We played a lot with mirrors and in the pack n' play. We enjoyed a beautiful 80 degree day at the park. Adelaide L.O.V.E.D. the swing as she kicked her feet and squealed with joy the entire time. All of the "big kids" were commenting about how "cool" the little baby was on the swing. Haha How does a 4 year old call a baby cool?!                     

shoeless Kentucky girl

love my munchkin to pieces!

Hoping you all had a fun filled week with those you love. 
I sure did :)

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