Thursday, July 6, 2017

Game.Set.Baby: A Gender Reveal

There are so many emotions that I have felt this pregnancy. I have always worked to make each pregnancy and labor/delivery and baby scrapbook and pretty much everything the dame as well as equal. I never want to look back and think that I didn't enjoy or relish or take in every single moment of pregnancy and baby phase and really the entire experience of the miracle of life.

But with the last one, we have done some things slightly different. Partly because this is the last of the last. And partly due to the fact that in order to have a special "shower" in honor of each child, we really needed to do a gender reveal :)

So without waiting until 40 weeks/birth, we decided to find out the gender of our 4th and final little one!

Looking back, pregnancy began with tennis (see Adelaide's birth announcement here) and how fitting that it is ending with a tennis-themed gender reveal! Not to mention that my cap ends are girls! So tennis + girls = all sorts of love in this momma's heart.

Pink and green are classic tennis colors so Taylor swapped out blue for green in relation to teams. The party happened just 2 days prior to Wimbledon starting which is the epitome of classic tennis. For Ryan & I's attire, it just so happened that the French Open/Roland Garros official Adidas tennis attire was green. So I ordered a tennis dress for myself and a tennis polo for him. We both thought it was a boy so the green was perfect. (Well, I had my inclinations that it could be a girl...little signs here & there but I thought reverse psychology might be a good tactic ;) Please note my very flashy neon purple & pink tennis shoes from Wilson for a touch of girl!). The kids ironically already had these adorable tennis themed outfits from Janie & Jack and in the perfect pink & green color scheme. Allowing the 5 of us to be super themed and coordianted!

The food was delicious and perfectly named for all of the tennis shots and terms. Fresh flowers from Country Squire Weddings adorned with pink & yellow tennis balls scattered throughout the tables was an elegant and gorgeous touch.

The yummy cake pops and tennis ball cookies were a huge hit with the kids & adults. Sweets by Millie never ceases to amaze with her design and baking talents!

And of course the reveal would only be perfect with a touch of tennis. Hitting the tennis ball and waiting for it to explode with color was a complete rush of emotion and excitement. We all thought the ball would break as soon as I hit it but the strings are a bit softer and I hit topspin so it needed to go hard against a target. The longest 30 seconds of my life! Haha. 

When the ball hit the screen and exploded in pink, I could not do anything but jump up & down and scream with shear joy & surprise! I am pretty sure everyone was convinced it was a boy so to see the pink erupt was truly magical. I have watched the video 100 times or more just to relive the feeling...and make sure it was real! Adelaide was so excited as well to be getting a baby sister. She has already asked and confirmed that she can hold her at the hospital, feed her, pick her up, and more. Aspen has been practicing carrying for her by using baby dolls as practice. 

We are so blessed to celebrate and share this moment with family & friends. This baby girl is already so loved and we cannot wait to meet her in 17 weeks or less!

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