Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Adelaide Jane: 4 1/2 Years

Dearest Adelaide,

Four and a half years old! Say it isn't so my sweet baby girl! Sweet is the key word here...the word Mrs. Tipton always uses to describe you each time I talk to her. She says, "Adelaide sugar, she is just the sweetest girl."  I cannot tell you how proud that makes me of you.

You have truly flourished in your new surroundings. The transition here to Kentucky almost seamless. Harvey Browne is your jam and you have been blessed with two amazing teachers who just eat you up. You are enjoying your classmates as well as Mrs. Bailey the principal. You love her so.

You took part in the social club last semester at school where you learned to talk about feelings. Sadness, happiness, disappointment, joy. It has made communicating much better between us and way calmer!

You are excelling in your group swim lessons, your dance classes, and learning so much at tennis. You have come into your own even more these last 6 months and you are budding right before my very eyes.

You were a gorgeous flower girl at Bees & Robbie's wedding. Taking your job very seriously and enjoying all the pampering that came with the job. You loved being one of the "big" girls that day and I hope that you will always cherish those memories.

You did take things into your own hands a few days after the wedding...cutting your own hair! Which resulted in a mohawk-gone-wrong-mullet. So you now have bangs and they are finally starting to grow into the rest of your hair! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry so I did a bit of both. But at the end of the day, I realized the only thing that was hard about the adjustment was the fact that bangs make you look much older than I am ready for.

We had a minor run in at the ER as you described some neck pains out of the blue one day. After seeing the pediatrician and taking extra precautions, you got a neck X-ray at Kosair's. Thank heavens it ended up being muscular and with a heating pad and some rest, you were back to normal. But for a glimpse of a second, you were my baby again which I secretly loved.

You are such a big helper in so many respects...you wash your dishes, are responsible for getting your backpack into and out of the car each day, carrying your swim/tennis/dance bag, putting your clean clothes away, washing yourself during bath time, and so on. You are such an independent, fierce yet compassionate girl. 

I am truly proud of the person you are becoming. You are kind and empathetic. You are a nurturer. You love your little brothers, your cousins, your family with a strong heart. You have big dreams and a huge imagination that I hope stays with you all of your days. 

I love you!



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