Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our "Happy Camper" Brighton Turns One

We celebrated our "happy camper" turning one with a camp themed birthday party! Camp Brighton was complete with all the traditional camping necessities. Tents to relax in. S'mores to roast. Lake Thompson for cooling off. Trail mix. Burgers & dogs. "Campfires" galore. Everything was camp meets rustic making for a fun-filled afternoon and getting us ready for fall!

Sweets by Millie designed the best camp cake around with complimenting cookies. They were all so yummy that even Brighton couldn't get enough :)

I loved being able to find all sorts of woodsy-rustic decor around town. It made for much easier set up and planning. The wooden boards were great for food platters and a cake plate. The wooden frames were great accent pieces to showcase pictures of the birthday boy!



My favorite were the goodie bags complete with binoculars, flashlights, water canteens, and a special pencil for the take-home nature hunt. And of course, don't feed the bears...just take them home with you!

And you all, our favorite party guests were the ones who came all the way from New York ;) The Kennedy's made the trek to be a part of Brighton's birthday party. I cannot tell you how special this was for all of the kids and how much I greatly appreciate the visit. It meant so much to have them here for such a celebratory day in the life of our special boy!

The birthday boy was indeed happy to see family & friends help him celebrate his special day. He was smiling ear to ear the entire day. He truly loved having all the attention on him and just soaking up the love & laughter surrounding him. 

A huge thank you to all who were able to help us celebrate such a special day for our precious baby boy! It truly is a day to remember forever!

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