Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A (Belated) Birthday Celebration: Ryan Turned 35

Back in March, Ryan turned the big 3-5! We had a lot going on like our first trip to Disney, work drama, and a full calendar with the kids & such so I had to get a little creative with my gifts to him. I decided on vouchers for some of his favorite be used when the dust had settled and we had more time to enjoy. 

Over Memorial Day weekend, he decided to cash in on some of those vouchers. The first was a family hike which we did at Constitution Marsh Sanctuary. It was a gorgeous day and the Shea's came along with us. The kids had a blast as Adelaide & Allie hiked the whole way themselves. Aspen walked a majority of the trail while Brighton & Jackson got a lift via hiking backpacks. 


Happy Birthday Daddy!

heading to the trail...

the fearless leader...legit she led the entire hike to the marsh and back
The marsh boardwalk had amazing views and the kids loved running in circles around the path. They saw tadpoles and other little fish. Blue skies, green grass, and views for days does the soul good!

Alex pointing out turtle

a casual Saturday date!

yea it was the best family photo we could do...

hike complete!

water fight!

thumbs up for our hike!

The second voucher was for a family dinner and dessert. Ryan cashed that in Monday evening for grilled salmon, steamed veggies, avocado dip, and some other fixin's. Plus a little ice cream for dessert! Better late than never to celebrate! Plus the last and most exciting voucher will be cashed in this summer and worth the wait :)

these kids won't be complaining about the ice cream :)

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