Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A New York Mother's Day Week: Mother's Day 2016

Right after I wrote the very honest post about motherhood (lately), I had one of the best days in a long time. It was just the right mix of emotions and love that this momma needed.

Adelaide's class had their Mother's Day Celebration. It was perfect in every way. Different from last year in that the kids had such pride in their songs. She waved with excitement as I entered the room and it took every ounce of her to not come running towards me for a hug :) She nailed the songs and then gave me the biggest hug! They made us the cutest cards where they traced mommy and their names, a homemade bead necklace that she was unbelievably proud of, and a painted flower pot with a little sprout to grow.

After the performance, we went for a little mommy/daughter date complete with manis, pedis & lunch. She so loves that time as do I.

The next day this guy and I had a little mommy/son time which he has been so desperately needing. A little Starbucks run for juice and cookies followed by a big boy haircut. He is the sweetest thing and is finding his way as the middle child right now. He doesn't typically command a lot of attention so I am remembering to give him more snuggles and one-on-one time that I think he might need.

Kidville in Mount Kisco had a nice little Mother's Day evening with fancy lemonade, yummy treats, and a photographer taking pictures. 

Then we enjoyed wrecked havoc with a nice Cinco de Mayo dinner with Marissa, Allie, and Jackson at Tijuana Mexican Grill.

 Friday night, Marissa and I enjoyed a girls dinner at Winston's followed by seeing the movie Mother's Day (review to come). It was so nice to have a light dinner and girl talk. I feel that has been missing in my life these days. To laugh and "get" each other was much needed. 

Derby in the Bluegrass is something that we have typically celebrated with a party here, but I just couldn't pull it together in time. Sooooo we had our own little dress up party at the house and watched the horses all day long on the TV :)

 Ryan planned a surprise date night for Mother's Day on Saturday evening at The Inn at Pound Ridge. It is one of my favorite places as the atmosphere is so chic and the menu is delicious. They were hosting a Kentucky Derby party which was even better! A mint julep with dinner to feel like we were at My Ole' Kentucky home...plus that scrumptious S'mores Chocolate Cake for dinner :)

Sunday morning I got every mother's dream...to SLEEP IN! Oh yes until 10am. I have no idea the last time that happened. But it was glorious. And so needed. I found these waiting for me when I awoke as well as breakfast and a day to just do whatever I wanted. Go to Starbucks alone. Go grocery shopping solo. Take my time. No rushing. The kids loved on me and had plenty of hugs & kisses to give all day. 

This is the first Mother's Day that we stayed home. Normally we make it a mini getaway weekend so that I am forced to not do housework/chores/clean up all weekend. I have a hard time being in my house and not straightening, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc. And Mother's Day weekend is one time where I really do not want to do any of that at all. I just want to relax and soak it all in. So I was nervous on how the weekend would go. Low expectations I had set and they were far exceeded. Thank you to Ryan and the kids for knowing just what mommy needed!

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