Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brighton Kevin: 4 Months

Dearest Brighton,

There is so much daily joy that you bring to our lives. I will never be able to fully capture it all in words, but I hope that you will always know how special you are to me, daddy, Adelaide, & Aspen. Adelaide loves to play mommy to you and hold your hand, kiss your feet, or hug on you. And Aspen loves sharing his toys with you or laying down next to you for some snuggles. I never imagined that my heart could be anymore full but you have made that so!

Your fourth month saw many firsts including your first Christmas and first New Years Eve. You rocked those holidays out with the family and enjoyed every minute of them. You were sweet as pie and loved being cuddled & hugged on by all.

You also had your first trip to Naples, FL which also meant your first time swimming. No surprise that you loved it as much as you love bath time! You couldn't get enough of the warm sunshine and being outside in the Florida temperatures.

You have certainly found your hands and unfortunately are teething. Little spurts of pain at times with a shrilling cry, but for now it seems to be very mild compared to your siblings. You like to "hug" me around my neck and grab my hair. Your little kung fu grip is quite intense these days actually ;)

You are rolling from belly to back when the mood strikes you. You also have some fierce momentum while on your back and trying to swing your legs to get yourself onto your belly. You can wiggle all around your jungle mat on your back in circles. 

You love the new swing we was your staple and go to in Naples so we decided to add one here in New York. You like the rocking back and forth and enjoy daytime naps there as well. 

You have had a very annoying 4 month sleep regression...two weeks of the worst sleep of your entire life! Ahhh mommy does not care for this part at all. Sometimes you are up every hour for 4 hours straight. You are not looking to eat, just to be rocked back to sleep. I think it is a combo of sleep regression and teething. I just hope it ends soon!

However you do the cutest little thing when you are tired and trying to fall asleep. You take your right hand and pull on your hair to get yourself to fall asleep!

Other than that, you love life and are constantly smiling and talking to all! I constantly hear how sweet and adorable you are...which of course I already know this! It is hard to believe that you gave us such a scare so many times in utero and now to have you here with us in complete perfection! We had our follow up appointment with Dr. Crowe on your heart and he said it was the most perfect EKG he had ever seen on a 4 month old. I cried tears of joy as I watched you laughing and kicking around during the exam.

Sweet boy, I cannot imagine my life without you!

I love you!



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