Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Thompson Fall Bucket List: Take a Hayride

With baby #3's arrival being a few weeks away, we are taking advantage of the September weekends even though the weather isn't 100% fall just yet ;)

We love Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard so we spent the 1st fall weekend enjoying a hayride, riding ponies, and munching on cinnamon sugar donuts. 

Aspen also tried moving the jumbo pumpkins...settling for the smaller ones with satisfaction though!

Adelaide was having a shoe malfunction that really got her fired up...

But it was nothing a little pony ride couldn't fix...

It is hard to believe that in less than 3 weeks we will be a family of 5. This time next year a new little baby will be joining us for fall fun at Harvest Moon!

**So much has changed the past two years as our tradition continues. Click here and here for past trips to Harvest Moon!

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