Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aspen Michael's Big Boy Room

One of the biggest changes that we had to make when we found out we were expecting baby #3 was to  turn our guest room into Aspen's big boy room. I absolutely love bunk beds for little boys so we decided to go with them. With Adelaide's big girl room, I wanted it to have a sophisticated feel. Not too girly, not too baby-ish. Something that she would grow into. For Aspen, I wanted something a little more playful and boy-ish. A transportation theme was a must given the Collins family business and all! From the tee pee to the artwork and the bedding to the small details, I truly love everything about Aspen's big boy room!

Truth be told, he & Adelaide love it too...they play in it often already!

don't mind the mis-spelling...Adelaide loves to play with her brother's name train

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