Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Life Letters (March): Learning (Part Two)

In my second week of emerging myself in the news, here are the big things that have been happening around the world:

  • A German airline plane crashed into the French Alps leaving 150 dead. It eventually came out that the co-pilot, who's fiance had just broken off their engagement, convinced the pilot to leave the cockpit so that he could have sole control and crash the plane.
  • Through talks with world leaders, the U.S. has decided to not pull any troops out of Afghanistan in 2015.
  • A Nevada Senator names Tick wants to legalize pot for pets. WTF?!

  • Class act: a mother was charged with several counts of a felony for allowing her middle school aged daughter to fight (among them child abuse) as she was caught on tape cheering her daughter on.
  • To avoid employment restrictions such as unequal pay, an Egyptian woman has been posing as a man for over 30 years. 
  • A proposed AZ bill looks to delay releasing the names of cops by 60 days in the case of deadly shootings. I think this is a great idea given all that has happened since the Ferguson case.
  • The NYC police department is piloting a program called IdeaScale (in Queens) to solicit tips/concerns from people via social media...yikes!
  • Classic board games (Monopoly, Game of Life, & Scrabble) are going mobil. I am not sure how I feel about this. I grew up playing board games with my grandparent and have fond memories of those experiences. There is something about that Monopoly board and funny money that is much better in person. 

I feel like the news was a bit more positive this week as a whole and had several comical stories to grace me with. I must say that I am enjoying the mental stimulation that comes with keeping up with the world. I have missed this part of who I am!

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