Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life Letters (March): Learning (Part Four)

While on Spring Break, I took a little break from watching the news. It seems impossible considering the fact that my parents have a plethora of TVs and they constantly blare the news! But I wanted to rest, reset, and relax so I tried to turn off all of my to do's while away.

I did manage to catch some big headlines though...

  • Jodi Arias, that psycho who killed her boyfriend, was sentenced to life in prison. Two juries were deadlocked on the death penalty so the judge showed her a little mercy. I don't believe in the death penalty personally, but I do not agree with our current prison system either.
  • Bradley Cooper, who played the lead in American Sniper, dedicated his MTV Award for the role to Chris Kyle (the real sniper). In accordance, students at a Michigan school are protesting the film because they believe Kyle was a killer. Well how about this, you go defend your freedom against terrorists and manage to do it without killing them while their entire life mission is to kill you...oh wait you don't have the balls to do that. So shut your mouth.
  • The 2016 Presidential Primary Elections are underway as candidates have begun entering the election. Hilary Clinton is the lone soldier on the Democratic side (no shock there) while Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, & Marco Rubio are contestants for the Republican nomination (so far). I honestly can't believe that a new presidential election is upon us. It seems like just yesterday I was in Florida watching the 2012 election tally...

I definitely have learned a lot of the past month by watching the news and reading the newspaper. I have enjoyed the challenges of my brain by learning new things and having a more critical thinking approach to the world. I hope these efforts will continue throughout the year and years to come.

Knowledge is power! Cheers to knowledge and power!

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