Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chanel No. 25: A Surprise Dinner Party

Our family has had a slew of "big" birthdays this year. And well I think that they all called for "big" celebrations. Surprises make them all the more fun too!

My baby sister, Taylor, turned 25 on April 6th. To throw a party for her would have entailed 500 people so we opted for an intimate dinner party for 30 people. One big table for the most important people in her life (minus a few who couldn't join us!). 

She has always loved Coco Chanel quotes and she is a bit of a fashion icon herself so I figured this was a perfect fitting theme. I found the cutest perfume bottle invitations on Etsy. Everyone loved them...even the Chanel rep in the mall! I gathered Coco quotes, printed and framed them to scatter throughout the table. The woman who did the invitation made glittery perfume bottle confetti that we sparkled around too...and a few strands of pearls made the table complete. Amanda made an adorable banner: Chanel No. 25 that we hung from the mantle.

We set up a perfume sample making table where guests could make their own perfume scent to take home. What is a party without a fun activity and gift to take home?! 

On the place settings, each guest had a special menu with the evening's dinner as well as an adorably boxed cupcake mix to take home too.

The cake was from Plehn's Bakery. Not only was it gorgeous but it was delicious too! I had a piece of vanilla and chocolate. Do not judge me. Pink champagne was served as guests arrived and toasted the birthday girl when she walked up the stairs to this glorious surprise.

Happy 25th Birthday Tay/Aunt Bees!


  1. This was an incredible party! Your sister must have been over-the-moon after getting this surprise birthday party. Isn’t that? Well I have also been looking for some good party space rentals in Brooklyn for my mother’s birthday party. I hope everything will go smoothly!

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