Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aspen Michael: 11 Months

Dearest Aspen Michael,

To say that you are the happiest baby on the planet would be an understatement. You truly light up the room when you enter. Your smile is contagious. And you, my son, bring such joy into our lives. 

This month we spent a lot of time playing and exploring. You love swimming and took advantage of our time in Naples at Mimi & Papa's pool. You loved being in the raft while kicking, scooping, and splashing about to move around the water. While on vacation, we journeyed to the beach which you found delightful. You played in the baby tent with your cousin Boston and grinned from ear to ear. You were so tired that you took a nap right at the end of our lunch on the table ;)

You love to move, move, move. You move gates. You climb full stairwells. You are fast and on the go all the time. You love to ride on your little Disney Cars ride-on. You turn the steering wheel and honk the horn.

You love to clap. You love to dance. You say "eh yea yea" and "uh oh" as you throw your bottle down like it is a game. You have recently started saying "dada". You love when we cheer for you or give you tickles. 

After the difficult sleep training days, you simply put yourself to sleep now. I can barely rock & sing to you before you are wiggling out to be laid down. Sometimes you crawl towards the stairs when nap time is approaching as if to say "put me to sleep mommy."

We had a slight scare at the start of the month when your blood work came back with a high white blood cell count. We went back from testing where the nurse blew out your vein because you were a little too strong as you pulled out the needle! But after a successful attempt at keeping the needle in, your results improved and the pediatrician thinks you were just fighting a virus.

It is hard to believe that in one short month you will be ONE! I feel as if this past 11 months has flown by. You have grown so much and I love watching you assess & discover the world. 

I love you!



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