Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life Letters (March): Learning (Part One)

My entire life I have loved to learn. My mom tells me stories of how I would bring stacks upon stacks of books to her each evening to read. This is a trait that I have passed on to Adelaide and I love it. I am the girl who hated missing school. In 500 people classes I would let the teacher know if I had to miss class. Yes that is me.

So when I opened my Life Letter this month, I was beyond excited to read about learning. Unlike cooking, learning comes naturally to me ;)

My letter said to indulge in reading and learning as much as possible. To watch 30 minutes of news a day (something I rarely do). To read the newspaper 3 times a week. Each week, pick a new topic to study. Read 2 books this month. Envelope myself in learning any chance I can get.

This first week has been eye opening. In some respects, I re-realized why I rarely watch the news. So much of it is negative and I don't want that to be a part of my daily life. There is too much sadness, anger, and fear to go around. I don't care for the media to remind me. However, I have learned some key things. Some shocking. Some interesting. Some positive. Some inspiring.

For starters, there is a fake gun store in NY with guns from mass shootings. The store has a camera and tapes patrons looking at guns. Then the workers tell them that this gun is from Sandy Hook, etc. The purpose is to make people think before purchasing a gun.

New York's Mayor de Blasio is making a bridge between secular & state. He is brining religion back into the public schools. Public Pre-K classes now get a midday prayer break. They will observe two Muslim holidays. He is loosening the health regulations on circumcision in the Jewish faith.

Starbuck's began a nationwide movement called Race Together. The purpose is to begin dialogue casually about race, a positive way to discuss the current tensions that are nation is facing. Of course the media spun it in a negative light saying Starbuck's is using this as a means to generate profit. It is frustrating when the masses take something positive and make presumptions about others' intentions. I commend Starbuck's for keeping their stance and pushing through with the idea. USA Today served as a partner and the two created a great newspaper insert with facts about race in our country.

The French Parliament is looking to set a BMI regulation for female models in an effort to combat anorexia. Israel already has a ban on underweight and under age models. As a mother of a young girl, I hope that the self-image issues of the US and World change long before Adelaide has to battle them herself.

In other one-off stories:

  • a man tried attacking TSA in the NOLA airport with a machete
  • Iran thinks the US is "fake"
  • North Korea has nuclear weapons
  • ISIS is out of control
  • Mercedes-Benz is coming out with the F015 Luxury in Motion which is basically a living room that is a car which drives itself
  • Berlin dog owners are in an uproar over proposed dog have your dog on a leash, have your dog registered, and be responsible for cleaning up their poop. The Germans believe dogs should be free to roam wherever they please

That's all the knowledge I have gathered this week...stay tuned for next time!

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