Thursday, March 19, 2015

Aspen Michael: 10 Months

Dearest Aspen Michael,

Oh my sweet boy, this month started out pretty rough. All of a sudden you didn't want to lay in my arms to nap one afternoon. I figured it was just a one time thing but after several days in a row of no naps I knew something was going on. Coupled with bloody screams in the middle of the night for what seemed like hours, I began to get frantic. And worried. Especially since your daddy was leaving for an entire week. Nothing was working. Gas drops. Tylenol. Motrin. You were boycotting your paci. I felt helpless really as I hadn't experienced this as a mom before.

So on a Monday night, I decided to begin sleep training. We changed your routine. You drank your last bottle between 6:45pm and 7pm. Then we headed upstairs for bath time. I let Adelaide watch an episode of Sofia thinking your cries would be over by the time she headed to bed. I rocked you for a few minutes then laid you in bed with your sound machine on. You screamed. After 20 minutes I returned to comfort you. That only made things worse. 

I put Adelaide to sleep and you screamed some more. You screamed for 2 hours before you finally collapsed in to a deep sleep. But you didn't stir once throughout the night, and at 7:30am were as chipper as can be. 

The second night you cried for an hour. By the third night I didn't even get out of Adelaide's room before you were sound asleep. I truly believe it was a combination of sleep regression, separation anxiety, and severe teething. We weathered through it and are doing much  better now.

Speaking of teeth, another one popped through this month making the count up to 7. I see another one about to poke through and I anticipate at least 2 to 3 more in the coming weeks. I feel for you as the pain really gets to you. It shoots up your ears and brings a plethora of snot. But you seem to smile through the majority of it.

We went to visit Mimi & Papa in Naples this month. You had a great time in the sunshine. You swam in the pool. Took walks in the stroller. Napped on Mimi & mommy. Played with Giorgio. Smiled and laughed at Papa. And hammed it up with anyone and everyone.

You are saying bye bye and waving. You have said daddy a time or two. 

You bang your hands on your high chair when you want more food. You want all food especially anything that your big sis is eating. You have tried to drink my iced mocha from Starbucks and got very upset when I would not let you lick the whipped cream covered straw!

Every day with you is a gift. You brighten my life daily. 

I love you!



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