Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Life Letters: Key to your soul...a Journey into the Self

My friend and sorority sister, Alyshia, recently wrote and published her first book "Life Letters." A self help book designed to awaken your soul and journey into yourself. I ordered my copy on Amazon and a few days later had the book in my hand. Its a quick read and the concept is simple, but oh so powerful. As we journey through life, we often lose ourselves along the way. I know since becoming a wife and a mother sometimes the things that I like get pushed aside. So much so that I forget the things that I actually like!

"Life Letters" is about rediscovering yourself, your interests, your dreams, your desires. By intently focusing on you, the discovery process is awesome. Brainstorming your shortcomings. Then brainstorming your dreams. Narrowing down your focus. Followed by writing yourself letters of exploration and making dreams a reality. Finishing up with the fun of executing those love letters to yourself on a monthly basis.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of "Life Letters" immediately.

I for one cannot wait to open my first letter on my birthday! No better way to kick off 32 than with rediscovering myself and being true to me :)

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