Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sparky Returns: Our Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

The Sunday after Thanksgiving brought much excitement for our family. Sparky, the elf, returned from the North Pole! He came bearing gifts...Christmas jammies for the kids, their annual ornament, Adelaide's collector Christmas Precious Moment figure, Aspen's first Ford collector car, a wonderful Little People Nativity set, and a Christmas Bible Storybook. Plus he whipped up a delicious breakfast filled with Santa Hats, Christmas eggs, a fruit Christmas tree, and Elf's powdered donuts!

After breakfast we read the Elf on the Shelf book and watched An Elf's Story to get Adelaide & Aspen reacquainted with Sparky. The kids loved it...even little Aspen was enjoying his Santa bib & bottle! They spent the whole day in their little personalized elf jammies (courtesy of Mimi!). It was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season!

P.S. Sparky brought Beaumont and Daddy some treats too!

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