Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Give Thanks: Cook a Thanksgiving Feast

For playgroup last week, I cooked up a little Thanksgiving feast for the toddlers & adults. A little crockpot chicken & stuffing with some green bean fixins. Baby cornucopias for the tots filled with yogurt covered oatmeal bites, s'more goldfish, and honey teddy grahams. Plus a side of turkey fruit and delicious pumpkin pie. Oh and let's not forget that scrumptious apple cider sangria :)

All of these ideas and recipes can be found on my Pinterest board: Give Thanks. They are all super easy and very fit for a mom who is about to go crazy chasing her toddler and tending to her baby all while trying to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal :)



cream of chicken

green beans

ta-da! Thanksgiving feast in a crockpot

modern day cornucopias

gobble gobble!

love my pumpkin tree from Pier One

ahhh apple cider sangria...yummy!

Hoping you all fill your tummies with Thanksgiving yummies!

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