Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aspen Michael: 5 Months

Dearest Aspen,

Where to even begin for your 5 month of life?! There has been so much excitement during your first fall out of the womb. We started our mommy & baby group at Bedford Babies a few weeks ago. It has been an absolute joy to connect with other moms who have babies your age. Most are second time moms making topics very relatable. I do enjoy the hour of time solely dedicated to you where I tickle, kiss, and hug on you uninterrupted. You smile and laugh and play. I think we both enjoy this a lot!

You have gone apple picking & pumpkin picking. You have taken rides on hay tractors and trains. You attended your first sporting event: a New York Yankees game during Derek Jeter's last season. This will matter in the years to come when you become a dad and a grandpa. When DJ passes and his legend lives on, you will recount the story of how your first sporting event was to see him play. A little piece of history that you were a part of at such a young age.

Its not just our social calendar that is are a busy little bee at home too! You love your jungle exersaucer and all of the sights & sounds that come along. You are turning in circles all over the place and recently have been wiggling yourself right out of your bouncy seat and rock n play. You are constantly rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy whenever something tickles your fancy. 

You started solids just after your 4 month appointment and haven't met a food you don't like. You love rice cereal, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, and prunes. You literally can't get enough of them! Licking your hands for more...checking your bib for a lost drop. 

don't mind the spit up prunes mid photo shoot!

Speaking of loving things, you love everything about your sister. You laugh and smile every time she comes near. You love when she talks to you while you're eating. You love when she climbs in the crib with you. You love when she has tummy time with you. You even love when she crushes you with loving hugs and not-so-gentle taps on the head. I think the only thing you don't love is when she bites you. Don't worry you have found the art of pulling her hair and biting her toes so I think you will be just fine :)

While your personality is flourishing, I have noticed little physical features growing. Your ears poke out slightly like mommy's, papa's, and great-papa's. Sometimes when I glance at your profile, I see my Papa. I love that and cherish having a small glimpse of him here and there. I tell you stories about him and I will continue to throughout your life. He was a wonderful man and I love that you resemble both him and your own papa (my dad.). They are two remarkable men and wonderful role models for you to follow.

Your daddy has you watching football nightly with him. You just gleam up at the TV which makes him very proud. He talks about all the "boyish" things you will do together...hiking, rock climbing, golfing, riding motorcycles. I think I will be vetoing the last one until you're 18 ;)

You are pure joy my son. I love that about you and I love watching you grow!

I love you!



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