Thursday, August 14, 2014

Motives Make-Up

If you know me, then you know make-up isn't really my thing. I am usually found wearing workout clothes because the thought of wearing two outfits a day and all the laundry that comes with it seems daunting! Plus I don't usually have many places to go that require getting dolled up. Also, I am a terrible make-up artist and felt like for years that make-up fell off my face as soon as I arrived at my destination.

Insert Motives. A make-up line created by Loren Ridinger that doesn't feel like I have 6 layers of gunk caked on my face nor does it fall off immediately. It is smooth and simple and I absolutely love it. 

When I was home in Kentucky, my mom's friend Patti hosted a make-up party featuring this line that my mom sells. It truly is a wonderful line and features nail polish as well.

Recently it has been featured in Cosmo magazine as Olivia Wilde was caught wearing the line.

A make-up artist was there to pamper the women and show them how to spruce up their faces ;)

If you are interested in trying Motives, let me know. I swear by it and have definitely been caught wearing make-up more these days!

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