Thursday, August 21, 2014

Allie's aDORAble 2nd Birthday Party

It is hard to believe that all of our sweet babies in playgroup are turning 2 this summer/fall. So far both Benjamins, Caileigh, Adam, and (recently) Allie have aged up :) As moms, we have watched our children go from babies to toddlers. As children, these kids have learned to navigate the world together, learning and growing with one another. Now they call out with anticipation of seeing each other and squeal with delight when they meet face to face. They hug and kiss; play ring-around-the-posie; hold hands; carry on conversations; truly love each other as friends. Sigh.

Onto the party! We celebrated Allie's aDORAble 2nd birthday at Pierson Park in Tarrytown with all things Dora the Explorer. Marissa is due with baby boy Shea any day now but managed to pull of an amazing party complete with every last detail. From the snacks to the favors and everything in between, Dora & friends were present.

I loved the "2" picture board as well as the chalkboard sign with Allie's milestones/favorite things. The kids loved the lemonade, Tico's acorn treats, and the Dora cake.

Pierson Park was great. With two full sized playground structures, a splash park, and covered picnic tables, we were all in heaven. Aspen was a hot commodity as the toddler ladies were all over him :)

Next up Adelaide, Rowan, & Matthew turn 2! Yikes!


  1. I tried commenting last night not sure if it worked. I wanted to know how did you reserve and how long ahead of time ? I wanted to have my sons birthday there now in September

  2. This was my friend who had her daughter's party there...let me ask her and let you know!

    1. That would be great thank you :)

    2. Hi! This party looks great - thanks for sharing. Were you able to find out about reserving the space? Thanks!