Saturday, August 30, 2014

Adelaide Jane: 2 Years

Dearest Adelaide,

To say that the terrible two's has hit would be an understatement. You try my patience every day with your ear piercing scream, your "NO", and your direct defiance to things I ask you to do. But at the same time, you make my heart skip a beat each day when you whisper "thank you mommy" or put your toys away when I ask or say "I wuve you mommy."

A lot has happened in 6 months around here as well. You became a big sister and you absolutely adore your "baby brother." You kiss him and hug him; ask to hold his hand; give him his paci and monkey. You tell him "don't cry brother" and remind him of his "stinky poo poo." You like to help give him a bath and feed him his milk. You even help burp him sometimes.

You are still a growing book worm with your favorites being "I'm a Big Sister" (especially the personal note from Mimi & Papa), "Goodnight New Baby", and "Scamp." You request these every night.

You have really grown socially as you did several weeks of camp at Saw Mill. You played, made arts & crafts, and splashed around outside. You hardly wanted to leave most days!

You took a big trip to Kentucky to spend three weeks with family. You swam and swam and swam. You ate plenty of snacks. You saw your first movie, "Planes: Fire & Rescue." You played with your cousins all day, every day.

You also took your first trip to the Greenbrier where you swam in the indoor pool, played on the playground, and hit golf balls with daddy. You weren't feeling so hot there so it wasn't as enjoyable as we might have liked for you. But nonetheless we all made it through!

You went up to Maine for a week vacation with your best friend Caileigh, her brother Aidan, Ms. Whitney, Mr. Tommy, mommy, daddy, and baby brother. We had a wonderful time in such a gorgeous place with great friends.

It seems like everyday your language is flourishing. You say some of the cutest phrases ever. My faves are "mommy, daddy wheat (wait)", "come on Beau Beau", "a pincess (princess) baned (bandaid)", "boo boo knee", "I hone (hold) it", and "pown (pound) it mommy, daddy, brother."

You are excelling very well at potty training too! Most mornings you get up and go pee pee on the potty. You generally are able to get through the entire morning and naptime with a dry pull up as you pee pee on the potty several times before then. You have even gone poo poo in the potty! I am extremely proud of you for this!

We said bye bye to your paci this week. Not planned at all but you lost your last one and mommy couldn't run right out to the store to get a new one. You cried at first but then I explained that paci went bye bye and we have no more paci. For the first two days you would randomly say, "mommy tapi (what you called it) bye bye, tapi no more." I would say yes honey that is right. But after two days you have long forgot about it and now you just give brother his when he is crying! I am amazed as it has been your comfort since you came out of the womb!

You amaze me daily with how big you are getting and how much you learn so quickly. From putting your clothes on to buckling your shoes, you certainly are getting more independent with the passing days! But you will always be my little baby :)

I love you!



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